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GMF’s Parc Fontaine apartments in New Orleans, LA, is home to 702 families. We planted a church on site last fall with the help of Chaplain Michael Phelps and his wife Tiffany.

We are able to minister to our residents in a variety of ways thanks to our ministry partners on site. For example, school supplies were distributed to students last fall and tutoring and an after school program are available for students to take advantage of.

The complex also offers life skills, job skills, and health information in order to equip residents for advancement in the workplace and at home. A sense of community is fostered among the residents through events like movie nights, outreaches, and other community activities.

Chaplain Phelps holds a church service on site every Sunday, enabling residents without transportation to worship together and hear the Word of God. Bible studies are also offered during the week.

This holistic approach to low-income housing is the heartbeat of GMF, and we are thankful for all who help make it possible!