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One of our goals is to have a chaplain at every apartment complex we own. It is his or her job to care for our residents spiritually, creating relationships, sharing the gospel, and discipling believers.

In January GMF’s La Chateau Apartments in Lake Charles, LA, received two new chaplains, Heather Dowers and Abigal Dixon. The pair got busy hosting community get togethers to reach out to our residents.

One example of an out reach event is an outdoor movie night. Residents are invited to come visit before and after the movie, building relationships. Below are pictures from a movie night held in March. About 45 people attended as Moana was played on the big screen. As relationships grow, residents become open to spiritual conversations!

Last week some residents allowed their children to attend a 3-day VBS-style camp hosted by Child Evangelism Fellowship. Every day the children heard a story, had a Bible lesson, won prizes, memorized Bible verses, and learned songs. They all had a great time and kept telling us how they can’t wait for next year already!

The camp ended with an ice cream party. It was a great time where the gospel was clearly presented and the children were listening and learning more than our chaplains had ever seen!

We are very grateful to Mrs. Mary Glover and CEF for coming out and doing these events with us!