GMF Residents Celebrate Easter Across Louisiana

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GMF Residents Celebrate Easter Across Louisiana

Global Ministries Foundation likes to use holidays as a time to serve our residents, promote relationships in our communities, and share the love of Jesus with all. Last month GMF residents celebrated Easter together at many of our Louisiana properties.

Le Chateau‘s Easter fest was a great event with food, games, an Easter egg hunt, and the resurrection story. About 20 people enjoyed this event in Lake Charles, LA.

Theresa Robertson, site chaplain at Mon Chateau apartments in Lafayette, LA, organized an Easter celebration, too. She said, “We were able to love on some of the residents in the complex during the Easter outreach. The best moments I experienced were when the residents changed their posture and put their guards down. They were interactive with us. They began laughing and smiling with us. The parents began to hold conversations. It was a beautiful experience.” Please pray that these relationships will blossom into life-giving friendships and for the hearts of the residents to be open to the gospel.

Two other complexes, Willows in New Orleans, LA, and Shadowood in Lafayette, LA, hosted Easter events as well. Check out the photos of the fun below.

Justin Rushing spreading out 500 Easter eggs for our egg grab…

…and in under 2 minutes they were all gone!

Jennifer Walls taught our lesson on Easter using the resurrection eggs that walked the children through the story of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. The children were all very attentive to her story telling and were glad they could interact and see physical examples of how everything happened.

Once again, thank you to all our volunteers, chaplains, and ministry partners who share the love of Jesus with our residents!