The Stephen Olford Legacy Project

Dr. Stephen Olford

The Stephen Olford Legacy Project began with Dr. Stephen Olford’s wife, Heather. After his passing in 2004, Mrs. Olford felt burdened to preserve her husband’s voluminous instructional preaching materials for the next generation of preachers. GMF’s Richard Hamlet, an Olford Center alumnus, is pleased to partner with the Olford family by overseeing the completion of this project.

The project itself is two-fold:

  1. Preparing Dr. Olford’s teaching and preaching materials for pastors and church leaders to use.
  2. Disseminating his materials to pastors and leaders around the world in both open and closed countries.

By accomplishing these two goals, the Stephen Olford Legacy Project will equip, empower, and release faithful pastors and church leaders to teach Expository Preaching.

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